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Author Topic: Help with 2 lists - Dwarves/Besiegers and Elves/Southron Archery  (Read 722 times)

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May 16, 2020, 05:25:10 AM
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Hello all! I played this game up to about Set 5 (I think Set 6 came out as I was leaving the game), but have always maintained an interest in playing casually. Another game I play has a few people that still play LotR from time to time, and they all play Movie Block, which is a format I have no experience with. Combine that with the fact that I haven't build decks for this game in 15+ years, and I feel a little iffy about some of my choices.

I wanted to pick 2 decks that had major themes or got major help in the RotK block (and Reflections) so I went with Dwarves & Besiegers as well as Elves & Southron Archery. I've never used any of these factions, so I'll take all questions and criticism you can give. I'm also open to playing other FPs/Shadows, but built these specifically because there isn't as much overlap with what I have built for Fellowship Block (Man/Elf & Uruk, Trust & Moria) and Towers Standard (Dauntless & Dunland, Rohan & Nazgul).

Dwarves & Beseigers
Ring-bearer: Frodo, Resolute Hobbit
Ring: The One Ring, Such a Weight to Carry

Adventure deck:
Dunharrow Plateau
West Road
Hall of the Kings
Pelennor Plain
Crashed Gate
Minas Tirith Second Circle
Osgiliath Crossing
Morgul Vale

Free Peoples Draw Deck:
4x Durin III, Dwarven Lord
1x Gimli, Skilled Defender
1x Gloin, Friend to Thorin
1x Linnar, Dwarven Lord
1x Sindri, Dwarven Lord
1x Uri, Dwarven Lord
1x Thrarin, Dwarven Smith
2x Dwarven Axe
3x Dwarven Bracers
1x Gimli's Battle Axe, Trusted Weapon
3x Hand Axe
1x Sting, Baggins Heirloom
1x Ring of Accretion
1x Ring of Fury
1x Ring of Guile
1x Ring of Retribution
3x Axe Strike
1x Battle in Earnest
2x Defending the Keep
1x Storm of Argument
2x Endurance of Dwarves
1x Greatest Kingdom of My People
4x Lord of Moria
2x Stout and Strong

Shadow Draw Deck:
1x Gorgoroth Agitator
4x Gorgoroth Assassin
1x Gorgoroth Berserker
4x Gorgoroth Soldier
2x Gorgoroth Swarm
3x Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul
4x Great Hill Troll
2x Grishnakh, Orc Captain
2x Mordor Pillager
2x Siege Troop
3x Troll of Gorgoroth, Abomination of Sauron
2x Grond, Hammer of the Underworld
1x Ithil Stone
1x Terrible as the Dawn
4x Great Siege-towers
2x Tower Walkway
2x Troop Tower

Elves & Southron Archery
Ring-bearer: Galadriel, Bearer of Wisdom
Ring: The One Ring, The Binding Ring

Adventure deck:
Rohirrim Road
Rohirrim Camp
Hall of the Kings
Pelennor Plain
Crashed Gate
Minas Tirith First Circle
Osgiliath Crossing
Cross Roads

Free Peoples Draw Deck:
3x Arwen, Queen of Elves and Men
2x Cirdan, The Shipwright
3x Elrond, Venerable Lord
2x Gil-galad, Elven High King
1x Glorfindel, Revealed in Wrath
1x Haldir, Emissary of the Galadhrim
1x Legolas, Greenleaf
1x Bow of the Galadhrim
4x Elven Bow
1x Elven Cloak
1x Legolas' Sword
1x Phial of Galadriel
1x Aiglos
1x Nenya, Ring of Adamant
1x Vilya, Ring of Air
3x Company of Archers
1x Curse Their Foul Feet!
3x Double Shot
3x Supporting Fire
1x The Tale of Gil-galad

Shadow Draw Deck:
2x Desert Lancers
3x Desert Lord
4x Elite Archer
1x Haradrim Marksman
1x Regiment of Haradrim
3x Southron Archer
3x Southron Assassin
4x Southron Bowman
2x Southron Explorer
1x Suzerain of Harad
3x Raider Bow
2x High Vantage
3x Rallying Call
3x Wrath of Harad
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