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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Eomer, Keeper of Oaths (P) (0P49)

Eomer, Keeper of Oaths (P) (0P49)

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Eomer, Keeper of Oaths (P) (0P49) Card Image

Set: Promotional
Kind: Free People
Culture: Rohan
Twilight: 3
Card Type: Companion • Man
Strength: 8
Vitality: 3
Resistance: 6
Signet: Gandalf
Game Text: Valiant. When you play Eomer (except in your starting fellowship), you may reveal the top 10 cards of your draw deck and play all [Rohan] possessions revealed. Shuffle your draw deck.
Rarity: P

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Eomer, Keeper of Oaths (P) (0P49) Wiki


This card is a promotional reprint of another card, Eomer, Keeper of Oaths, from the Siege of Gondor set.

Please refer to that card for strategy and clarifications.

Extra Information

Other Versions of Eomer

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Other Prints of Eomer, Keeper of Oaths

Siege of Gondor


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