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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Weatherhills (1U335)

Weatherhills (1U335)

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Weatherhills (1U335) Wiki

General Strategy

Weatherhills makes each Nazgul cheaper, and has a relatively high shadow number for a site 2. It is often contrasted to Bree Streets, which also makes Nazgul cheaper, but by removing their roaming cost instead of reducing their twilight cost. The text of Bree Streets is better in general, but this site has several advantages over Bree Streets. First, it affects Ulaire Nelya, whereas Bree Streets does not. Second, if Bill Ferny, SSF is played to this site you will get both no roaming cost and reduced twilight cost. Third, the shadow number of this site is greater by 2, which means that it's a better choice if you can only play one Nazgul, has the same effect as Bree Streets if you can play two Nazgul, and is worse if you can play three Nazgul. Despite site 2 being the first site the player travels too, there is often a lot of twilight made going there because the player plays a lot of expensive cards that help set up the Fellowship at site 1 (Aragorn with Prancing Pony, Elrond, more companions etc.)

Given its high shadow number, Weatherhills may be an interesting site 2 even for shadows using few Nazgul or none at all (the only alternative for such benefit is Weathertop, which provides a strong peril to your own Free Peoples if facing twilight Nazgul). That's especially true for Sauron decks which rely on stacking soon many conditions that need both twilight and Orcs exerting to be played (like Desperate Defense of the Ring or Tower of Barad-dur), as those decks work much better with high vitality Orcs (3 vitality or more), all of which have a (non-roaming) twilight cost of 3 or more. High vitality Moria Orcs (wielding Moria Axe) benefit too greatly from that shadow number.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

  • Choke
  • Players who drew mostly shadow cards in their first hand (Then immediately moved to this site)

Weak Versus...


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