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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Tol Brandir (1U363)

Tol Brandir (1U363)

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Tol Brandir (1U363) Wiki

General Strategy

Powerful site 9 in Fellowship Block, Tol Brandir is most commonly played with Sauron strategies that run Orc Ambusher, Orc Assassin, and Orc Scouting Band. Orc Scout and Uruk Scout are also playable via the site. Tol Brandir played a large role in adding Forces of Mordor to the restricted list, as multiple copies could potentially allow a Shadow player to play multiple Orc Scouting Band at the end of his or her shadow phase.

Don't count out seeing Tol Brandir in a Moria swarm deck, either. Sneaking a few copies of Orc Ambusher into the discard pile via They Are Coming or when reconciling can add to a devastating swarm.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

Weak Versus...

  • Decks without trackers

Rules and Clarifications

Because this site's action is a special ability, it is optional and may be done at any time the shadow player wishes (including after they have played other minions from their hand).


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