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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Golden Light on the Land (2U8)

Golden Light on the Land (2U8)

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Golden Light on the Land (2U8) Card Image

Set: Mines of Moria
Kind: Free People
Culture: Dwarven
Twilight: 0
Card Type: Condition
Game Text: To play, spot a Dwarf. Plays to your support area. At a site which is not underground, each [Moria] Orc's twilight cost is +2. Discard this condition during the regroup phase.
Lore: ”'The Orcs will not, maybe, come out till after dusk, but we must be far away before nightfall.'”
Rarity: U

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Golden Light on the Land (2U8) Wiki

General Strategy

Specific anti-Moria card. Whether or not a deck should use Golden Light on the Land will likely depend a lot on the current meta: If Moria decks are very common (Especially swarm) decks, then this card may be useful for decks that struggle to counter them. However, the card is useless against most shadows, and is also hindered by its lack of function underground and the fact that it is a one-site effect. While some Dwarf decks do struggle with Moria swarms, there are generally more versatile card choices to help with this, the main examples being Disquiet of Our People (Defender bonus) and Song of Durin (Anti-Moria Tale). Other Dwarven anti-Orc options include Stairs of Khazad Dum and Here Lies Balin, Son of Fundin.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

Weak Versus...


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