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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Haldir, Emissary of the Galadhrim (4C71)

Haldir, Emissary of the Galadhrim (4C71)

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Haldir, Emissary of the Galadhrim (4C71) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Free People
Culture: Elven
Twilight: 2
Card Type: Companion • Elf
Strength: 5
Vitality: 3
Resistance: 6
Game Text: While no opponent controls a site, Haldir is strength +2. Regroup: Exert Haldir at a battleground and exert another Elf to liberate a site.
Lore: ”'In days of old, my people stood beside the King of Gondor - we come to honor that allegiance.'”
Rarity: C

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Haldir, Emissary of the Galadhrim (4C71) Wiki

General Strategy

Unlike his Fellowship counterpart, this version of Haldir has a very reliable strength bonus. Many shadows do not bother with site control at all, and the ones that do have to first achieve it and then not get those sites liberated in order to nullify Haldir's strength bonus. Consequently, he usually has a strength of 7, gained at a twilight cost of 2, which is quite powerful, and you can easily give him an Elven Sword and Naith Longbow to boost his strength further. Additionally, there are no spotting requirements for this version of Haldir, which makes it easy to have him in a starting fellowship. His method of site liberation is quite expensive, and is ineffective in the subsequent ROTK sets, as none of the ROTK sites are battlegrounds. Consider That is No Orc Horn instead, which also heals elves, and as such is useful even when there are no controlled sites. Haldir is also an example of a character who is more effective in games with fewer players; in a game with more players, it's more likely that one of them may have site control, which would benefit all of them.

In The Two Towers, particularly Towers Block, this Haldir is a must for any Helm's Deep Elves deck. Have him as a starting companion with Legolas, and then start amassing elves. An alternate strategy would be to bid high, start with Haldir and another elf, play Legolas from draw deck using Eastemnet Gullies and then start playing companions such as Naith Troop and Naith Warband.

In Movie Block, Haldir is made somewhat obsolete by characters such as Glorfindel, RiW; Arwen, QoEaM and Cirdan the Shipwright.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

  • Site Control (Can liberate sites)

Weak Versus...

Extra Information

Other Versions of Haldir

Sentry of the Golden Wood (P) Elf of the Golden Wood Sentry of the Golden Wood Warrior Messenger


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