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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Helm! Helm! (4R279)

Helm! Helm! (4R279)

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Helm! Helm! (4R279) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Free People
Culture: Rohan
Twilight: 2
Card Type: Event
Game Text: Regroup: Spot 2 mounted [Rohan] Men to liberate a site or draw 3 cards.
Lore: “And with that shout the king came. His horse was white as snow, golden was his shield, and his spear was long.”
Rarity: R

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Helm! Helm! (4R279) Wiki

General Strategy

Not only is the King's spear long, so are those borne by the warriors of Rohan. With Eomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark, leading your Rohirrim companions down the site path, there are few minions that can stand against this mounted onslaught, provided of course that you have your extra companions, mounts, and weapons in play. To ensure that you can ride through your opponent's minions, just give a shout of Helm! Helm!

The first function of the card is to liberate a site controlled by your opponent. How many times have you fought off a horde of Uruk-Hai only to realize that most of them are simply sitting on a controlled site just waiting for another crack at your fellowship? Well, with a cry of Helm! Helm!, you can liberate that site, thus discarding the minions stacked there, and it happens during the regroup phase - after your opponent has taken the minions they wish to stack off the table, making your second move that much easier.

The second, and perhaps more useful, feature of this card is that it allows you to draw three cards, also during the regroup phase. I cannot recall how many times I wanted to double move, but didn't have the pump cards or condition killer in hand to let me do so. What a relief to have an option as powerful as Helm! Helm! To get you through those times. Just let out that cry, draw three cards, and make your decision fully informed. You may get the cards you need to move on without worry or you may get just the stopper from your shadow deck to know that you'll be able to keep your opponent from moving twice and not have to risk it yourself. Either way, you win.

Of course, Rohan has another site liberation option in the form of Theoden, Son of Thengel, if one not always quite so easy to execute. What makes Helm! Helm! special is it's flexibility. Whether you liberate a site, or draw three cards, is entirely up to you. Theoden is not very useful if you're not playing against a site control deck, while Helm! Helm! allows you to ignore the site liberation text in favor of drawing three cards - something that's always useful.

Alas, though, for there is one condition to be met in order to trigger this great card - you must spot two mounted Rohan Men. While that may seem a bit much at first glance, a well constructed Rohan deck should have no problem getting two men mounted before sites four or five when you will really need this card. So go ahead, let the king shout, and ride on to victory.

by Shawn Conley

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