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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Horse of Rohan (4C283)

Horse of Rohan (4C283)

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Horse of Rohan (4C283) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Free People
Culture: Rohan
Twilight: 2
Card Type: PossessionMount
Game Text: To play, spot a [Rohan] Man. Bearer must be a Man, Elf, or Wizard. At the start of each skirmish involving bearer, each minion skirmishing bearer must exert.
Lore: “Very swift were the horses of Rohan.”
Rarity: C

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Horse of Rohan (4C283) Wiki

General Strategy

In contrast to the cheaper Rider's Mount, which can only be used with Rohan Men, Horse of Rohan allows synergy with other cultures, including Gondor Men, Elves and Gandalf. Although Brego has an additional effect that makes him better than a Horse of Rohan, he is also unique, so this generic horse can be more useful if you need multiple mounts. Aragorn, Defender of Free Peoples works well with this card, as he needs a mount to use his third ability. Similarly, Gandalf can benefit from this possession if the Free Peoples player is using Glamdring rather than Shadowfax. Many Elven cards synergise with wounding effects (Lorien Swordsman; Blades Drawn; Feathered; Legolas, Elven Stalwart; Arwen, Queen of Elves and Men), so a dual Rohan-Elven deck using Horse of Rohan can be effective. Finally, Faramir and his Ring-bound rangers can combine the effect of this card with that of Ranger's Bow or Faramir's Bow, making it much easier to kill minions via wounding.

Horse of Rohan can also provide any character bearing it synergy with several Rohan Allies. Since Weland and Leod reference mounted companions rather than Rohan companions, these characters can be used to provide bonuses to out of culture companions. There also Rohan cards from later sets that do not specifically require Rohan companions and mounts, some examples being Haleth and Riding like the Wind.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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Example Decks


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