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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Gondorian Captain (7C96)

Gondorian Captain (7C96)

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Gondorian Captain (7C96) Wiki

General Strategy

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A cheap filler unit that is only remembered for a broken combo. While Gondorian Captain was fine when it came out, three sets later Base of Mindolluin was released which produced an infinite loop: use the Captain to discard a fortification, remove a threat, then use Base of Mindolluin to add a threat to play a fortification from the draw deck, then use Captain to get rid of it, ad nauseum. So long as the player went second and allowed their opponent to move to site 3 first, upon arrival this broken combo could be used to filter the entire Free Peoples side out of your deck, assuming you filled it with nothing but fortifications, thus allowing five full hands of Shadow cards.

Needless to say when the combo was discovered, Gondorian Captain was put on the Movie Block X-List, since he had no real use besides the infinite loop.

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