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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Mount Doom (15R193)

Mount Doom (15R193)

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Mount Doom (15R193) Card Image

Set: The Hunters
Twilight: 3
Card Type: Site
Game Text: Battleground. Mountain. Underground. Until the end of the game, sites in this region cannot be replaced.
Rarity: R

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Mount Doom (15R193) Wiki

General Strategy

Mount Doom is notable for many things. It is the only rare site ever released and has an effect that lasts until the end of the game. It also has 3 different keywords and a variety of applications.

Mount Doom is a useful deterrent against players who like to switch sites in and out (Mithlond, Buckland Homestead, Courtyard parapet etc.). Playing this site at the beginning of a region forces them to use the site but not be able get it back, or delay playing it until later.

Similarly, Mount Doom can be used to trap sites that an opponent has played that the user does not wish to see again.

Alternatively, Mount Doom can be used to lock the user's own sites in position if they fear having those sites swapped out by the opponent on their turn.

Playing Mount Doom at a Sanctuary (Or playing Mount Doom then playing another Sanctuary site) prevents the opponent from using Steward's Tomb for that Sanctuary.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

  • Decks that replace sites often
  • Sites that benefit from being replaced often

Weak Versus...

  • Decks with no site switching

Rules and Clarifications

  • Like all sites, Mount Doom's text does not activate until a fellowship moves there (Or starts a turn there). Playing it in advance but not moving to it will not trigger its text, so it is replaceable at this time.

Extra Information


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