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Unique cards are indicated by a dot (•) to the left of card title. This indicates that only one copy of a card with this title may be in play and active at any given time.

Unique cards have some special rules associated with them including:

  • If the card is a companion or ally, you may discard another card from hand with the same title to heal the companion or ally with at least one wound during your fellowship phase
  • There can only be one copy of a unique companion or ally in your dead pile or in play. If a unique companion or ally is killed additional copies may not be played for the rest of the game
  • A stacked unique card may be in play elsewhere
  • Multiple copies of a unique card may be stacked together
  • In a multi-player game, only the first copy of a unique card closest to the Free People's Player's right is active although other copies may be in play

 •Elrond, Lord of Rivendell - a unique Ally from the Fellowship of the Ring set

From the Comprehensive Rules 4.0:

Many character, possession, artifact, and condition cards represent a thing that there is only one of. Such a card has a dot (•) before the card title and is unique. When a unique card is in play and currently active, you cannot play another card that has the same title.

You may have only one card with the card title of •Gandalf in play at one time. Other players may also have a card with the title of •Gandalf in play, but only one is allowed per player.

Two cards represent the same thing if they have the same card title (even if their subtitles or collector’s info are different) or they have the same collector’s info (even if their titles and subtitles are different). Two cards can have the same card title even if they are in different languages.

The cards Gandalf’s Staff, Walking Stick and Gandalf’s Staff (no subtitle) represent the same thing.

You cannot play a card from your hand to replace another card in play, even if those cards have the same card title or represent the same personality.
See also dead pile, discard to heal, non-unique, stack.

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