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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Gandalf, Stormcrow (P) (0P64)

Gandalf, Stormcrow (P) (0P64)

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Gandalf, Stormcrow (P) (0P64) Wiki

General Strategy

A largely worthless version of Gandalf that unfortunately uses one of the better subtitles for that character. It attempts to balance the +1 strength increase over a base Gandalf with absolutely no game text whatsoever. If you need a stronger Gandalf, use Defender of the West, Friend of the Shirefolk, or Mithrandir, depending on your Fellowship composition. Or just pack Glamdring.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • +1 Strength over a normal Gandalf ಠ_ಠ


  • No abilities whatsoever. Use a different Gandalf.

Extra Information

Other Versions of Gandalf

Defender of the West (P) Mithrandir (P) Leader of the Company (P) Stormcrow (D) Friend of the Shirefolk Friend of the Shirefolk (T) The Grey Wizard The Grey Pilgrim Greyhame The White Wizard The White Wizard (T) Mithrandir Defender of the West Manager of Wizards Leader of Men Leader of Men (T) Leader of the Company Leader of the Company (T) The White Rider The White Rider (F) The White Rider (O) Bearer of Obligation Bearer of Obligation (F) Bearer of Obligation (O) Powerful Guide Powerful Guide (H) Powerful Guide (F) Powerful Guide (O) Returned Wise Guide


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