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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Uruk Soldier (1C154)

Uruk Soldier (1C154)

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Uruk Soldier (1C154) Card Image

Set: The Fellowship of the Ring
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Isengard
Twilight: 2
Card Type: Minion • Uruk-Hai
Strength: 7
Vitality: 1
Site: 5
Game Text: Damage +1. When you play this minion, you may make the Free Peoples player discard the top card of his draw deck.
Lore: Saruman's Uruk-hai band together as an extremely effective fighting unit.
Rarity: C

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Uruk Soldier (1C154) Wiki

General Strategy

A decent uruk with a cheap cost and relatively high strength, Uruk Soldier is a good choice as one of the lesser minions in an Uruk-hai deck. Its ability to discard the top card of the Free Peoples Player's draw deck is useful for discard decks, and might get rid of a good card if the Shadow Player is lucky. Uruk Soldier is a fragile minion, and is particularly vulnerable to archery and directed wounding. It also cannot exert for any Isengard support cards (Such as Worry or Bred for Battle). It has synergy with other Isengard discarding effects such as Uruk-hai Sword, Uruk Rager and Lurtz's Sword, or Mordor discard effects. With The Two Towers came Orthanc Warrior, who is usually a better choice for non-discard decks because of its higher durability.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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