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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Goblin Swarms (1R183)

Goblin Swarms (1R183)

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Goblin Swarms (1R183) Card Image

Set: The Fellowship of the Ring
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Moria
Twilight: 1
Card Type: Condition
Game Text: Plays to your support area. Response: If your [Moria] Orc wins a skirmish, discard cards and wounds on that Orc and stack that Orc on this condition. Shadow: Play an Orc stacked here as if played from hand.
Lore: “Beyond the fire he saw swarming black figures….”
Rarity: R

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Goblin Swarms (1R183) Wiki

General Strategy

Goblin Swarms is a very effective tool for Moria. When used in Moria swarm decks, it allows the Shadow Player to build up successively larger groups of goblins over several turns. This is typically done by playing more minions than companions so that the excess minions can be used to help win skirmishes. Because the limiting factor for Moria swarms is usually the number of cards in hand and not the amount of twilight, having cheap goblins (Especially Goblin Runner) stacked essentially means that many more minions on a subsequent turn. Goblin Swarms is usually complemented by other well-known Moria conditions, such as Goblin Armory, Relics of Moria and They Are Coming. It provides an additional way of activating Plundered Armories.

Goblin Swarms is also useful for larger goblins such as Goblin Patrol Troop and Goblin Flankers. These larger minions can usually win skirmishes on their own and then use Goblin Swarms to reappear on later turns.

The Shadow Player may sometimes need to consider whether or not it would be good to stack a minion here, particularly in the context of double moves. In many cases, the benefits outweigh the drawback of having to replay the minion, as many of the strengths of the Moria culture lie in playing things over and over again. Many popular minions have coming-into-play benefits: Goblin Runner, Goblin Flankers, Moria Scout, Goblin Scavengers or the later Host of Moria. With a strong support area, stacking and replaying is further advantageous for the Shadow Player, as Goblin Armory, Goblin Scimitar and Relics of Moria can all be used again. This primarily leaves Goblin Patrol Troop, Moria Archer Troop, Archer Commander and Guard Commander as minions for which some deliberation may be required: the former two because of their potentially prohibitive costs and the latter two because of the buffs they can provide to other minions.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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Rules and Clarifications

Extra Information

  • The part of the card that reads: ”discard cards and wounds on that Orc” is redundant as this became normal practice for stacking cards anyway, and does not appear on later cards such as Hillman Rabble or Gorgoroth Troop.


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