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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Drawn to Its Power (1U211)

Drawn to Its Power (1U211)

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Drawn to Its Power (1U211) Card Image

Set: The Fellowship of the Ring
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Wraith
Twilight: 2
Card Type: Condition
Game Text: Plays to your support area. Each time a companion is killed in a skirmish involving a Nazgul, add a burden.
Lore: ”'And also the Ring drew them.'”
Rarity: U
Notes: Version: +. Game text is a clarification.

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Drawn to Its Power (1U211) Wiki

General Strategy

Punishes players for over-using cannon fodder companions like Dwarf Guard or Lorien Elf, as these become liabilities with multiple copies of Drawn to its Power out. Can also help to guarantee a victory against buckling fellowships at site 9, as these cannot afford to lose too many companions. Works very well with Gates of the Dead City.

Drawn to its Power doesn't necessarily work that well with other corruption effects, as corruption decks do not tend to kill companions. It also doesn't work very well with Blade Tip, as characters killed by it do not trigger Drawn to its Power.

Sam can be a threat to decks relying on this card, as he allows the Free Peoples player to kill off Frodo when he has many burdens, and avoid placing burdens for Frodo's death, before making Sam a new Ring-Bearer.

In later sets, Drawn to its Power can help break the bonuses of cards like G For Grand by lowering resistances after a death.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

  • Large Fellowships
  • Heavily damaged Fellowships

Weak Versus...

  • Any version of Sam
  • Healing

Extra Information

Other Prints of Drawn to its Power

The Fellowship of the Ring


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