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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Burn Every Village (4C5)

Burn Every Village (4C5)

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Burn Every Village (4C5) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Dunland
Twilight: 0
Card Type: Event
Game Text: Skirmish: Make a [Dunland] Man strength +2 (or +4 if you control a site).
Lore: ”'Take your rabble through the Westemnet; take back the lands they stole from you.'”
Rarity: C

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Burn Every Village (4C5) Wiki

General Strategy

Easily the most commonly used Dunland skirmish event, Burn Every Village is a free strength boost to a Dunland man (that is, any Dunland minion but Saruman), at minimum +2 but often +4 with the various tools of Dunland to control sites. Since it is free, you won't usually have to choose between your ability to use Hides or play the event during a skirmish. Even if Legolas, Dauntless Hunter raises the cost, the natural strength of Dunland minions should render skirmish events unnecessary because of how poorly those decks tend to perform in skirmishes.

When Freca is played, Burn Every Village may be used to ensure he doesn't get killed in a skirmish. Early in the game, +4 is often more than enough to prevent an overwhelm from strength reduction such as from Cirdan. When combined with Over the Isen, Burn Every Village can be used to pick off support companions with an overwhelm. Giving a Dunland minion +4 in a skirmish all but guarantees most will win their skirmish, triggering Dunland culture's characteristic skirmish-won effects such as from Dunlending Pillager, Dunlending Arsonist, Wulf, and War Cry of Dunland.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

  • Fellowships which rely on winning skirmishes
  • Ill-prepared fellowships (+4 on most Dunland men is enough to overwhelm a companion of strength 6)
  • Site control, especially Freca (as it takes place before the skirmish phase)

Weak Versus...

  • None, though a fellowship with lots of site liberation or prevention won't allow you to get the most out of Burn Every Village

Example Decks

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Extra Information

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