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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Here Is Good Rock (4C50)

Here Is Good Rock (4C50)

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Here Is Good Rock (4C50) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Free People
Culture: Dwarven
Twilight: 1
Card Type: Condition
Game Text: Tale.Plays to your support area. Skirmish: Stack a Free Peoples card from hand here to make a Dwarf damage +1.
Lore: ”'Give me a year and a hundred of my kin and I would make this a place that armies would break upon like water.'”
Rarity: C

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Here Is Good Rock (4C50) Wiki

General Strategy

Though it may seem to be a redundant condition, Here Is Good Rock is a cycling powerhouse with an added damage buff - not the other way around. When used with strong card-drawing events such as Delving, it helps sift through the draw deck and stack Free Peoples cards which aren't immediately useful to fuel Axe of Erebor or to later be reclaimed with Dwarven Foresight, allowing a player to find important cards earlier. It can be a critical asset when a key companion such as Gandalf dies, preventing character-specific cards from cluttering a player's hand and crippling both Free Peoples and Shadow sides. Here Is Good Rock goes naturally in decks hoping to include Toss Me, which can otherwise be difficult to stack on demand.

Although it is unique, duplicates can be stacked onto the copy in play and minimize the negative impact of having extra copies. The temptation to stack cards exclusively on Here Is Good Rock makes it a vulnerable target for condition discard, potentially leveling a card-stacking strategy if key cards aren't spread out among several conditions. Inversely, when using The Return of the King's Gimli, Feared Axeman, a player should use Here Is Good Rock is to minimize the number of conditions used and rely on Gimli's crucial condition protection to keep stacked cards intact. After Reflections was released, Here Is Good Rock gained further use though Sindri, Dwarven Lord, able to easily store skirmish events until needed.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

  • Dwarven card-stacking strategies
  • Cycling less useful cards out of a player's hand
  • Minions such as Isengard Orcs, who rely on keeping vitality for the Regroup phase

Weak Versus...

Example Decks

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Rules and Clarifications

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Extra Information

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