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Toss Me (6R11)

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Toss Me (6R11) Card Image

Set: Ents of Fangorn
Kind: Free People
Culture: Dwarven
Twilight: 1
Card Type: Event
Game Text: While this card is stacked on a [Dwarven] condition, Gimli is strength +1. Fellowship: Place this card or another [Dwarven] card from hand on top of or beneath your draw deck.
Lore: ”'Don't tell the Elf.'”
Rarity: R

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Toss Me (6R11) Wiki

General Strategy

With the introduction of Grima, Wormtongue in The Two Towers base set, Gimli and other Dwarves started to struggle with getting high strengths, as they relied on large amounts of possessions for many of their bonuses. This card can help mitigate this, as it can provide Gimli with up to 4 bonus strength (1 per copy stacked) without him bearing any cards at all. Conditions such as Courtesy of My Hall, Here is Good Rock and More to my Liking can easily stack this card on themselves, while other cards such as Ever my Heart Rises (Or the later Hall of our Fathers) have a good chance of snagging copies of Toss Me from the Free People player's deck. Other effects such as that of On Your Doorstep, which can recover Toss Me from discard, or Suspended Palaces, which can stack Toss Me from the top of the deck, can also be useful.

Toss me is vulnerable to condition discard, particularly if multiple copies are stacked on the same condition, but can be protected by Feared Axeman from The Return of the King onwards. Toss Me is also a fairly versatile card, as it can be placed on the bottom of the Free People player’s deck if drawn early (And potentially be reshuffled to another part of the deck later on by other cards), or discarded and later recovered by Grimir, Dwarven Elder; Courtesy of My Hall or Preparations.

This event can be combined with other effects that increase Gimli's strength, such as My Axe is Notched, Lockbearer or Faithful Companion to create a very powerful character.

Toss Me can also be used with various telepathy cards such as Must be a Dream or Forearmed, as it allows you to fix the top card of your deck with a Dwarven card of your choice. This can be effective in The Two Towers, although with the release of The Return of the King base set there are usually better cards for this purpose, such as Gandalf, Manager of Wizards.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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Example Decks

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