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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Hard Choice (4U123)

Hard Choice (4U123)

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Hard Choice (4U123) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Free People
Culture: Gondor
Twilight: 1
Card Type: Event
Game Text: Fellowship: Spot Aragorn to heal a companion who has the Aragorn signet twice.
Lore: ”'Shall we rest by night, or shall we go on while our will and strength hold?'”
Rarity: U

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Hard Choice (4U123) Wiki

General Strategy

A potent healing card for Aragorn decks, Hard Choice heals a companion with the Aragorn signet twice at the cost of one twilight. Hard Choice represents a vastly superior option to most other single-use healing cards (such as Master of Healing, Have Patience, Hobbit Appetite, Athelas), thanks to its low cost and powerful effect. Like Aragorn, King in Exile, the effect of the event is limited to characters with the Aragorn signet, but unlike Aragorn, King in Exile, Hard Choice can be used to heal Aragorn. Hard Choice is also fairly versatile, targeting both unbound and Ring-bound companions, and is a boon in decks with multiple exertion abilities, such as Aragorn's Bow or Gandalf's Staff.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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