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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Southron Assassin (4R246)

Southron Assassin (4R246)

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Southron Assassin (4R246) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Raider
Twilight: 4
Card Type: Minion • Man
Strength: 9
Vitality: 2
Site: 4
Game Text: Southron. Each time a companion or ally loses a skirmish involving a Southron, you may remove (1) to make the Free Peoples player wound a Ring-bound companion.
Lore: ”'Some of the Southrons have broken from the trap and are flying from the road.'”
Rarity: R

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Southron Assassin (4R246) Wiki

General Strategy

While the presence of Ring-bound Rangers prohibits you from being able to make an entire deck around just the Southron Assassin, it is a good solid card to have for those times when you face decks without several Ring-bound Companions. And if the only Ring-bound Companion your opponent plays is Frodo then this card can definitely be a game winner.

One obvious strategy is to team this card with Howl of Harrad to wound your opponents Ring-bound Rangers before moving in for the kill with a few of the higher cost, high strength Southrons. One difficulty with this is that Howl of Harrad's high cost can cripple its effectiveness. Instead, it can be more effective to team the Southron Assassin with Mumaks and War Mumaks to make your Southrons not only stronger, but also fierce (meaning, hopefully, more Southrons winning skirmishes). Throw in Flanking Attack to add extra twilight as needed and suddenly three minions can deal 6 wounds to Ring-bound companions whether or not they are skirmishing them.

And if the sneak attack is your favorite ploy - why not team the Assassin with a few archers and some pump cards? If you are playing an opponent with no other Ring-bound Companions; pretend disappointment when your opponent assigns the archery to that “good old archery soaker, Frodo.” And then in the next turn destroy Frodo with the Southron Assassin and a couple of well chosen accomplices. Your opponent will never know what hit him!

by Cynthia Hart

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