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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Southron Troop (4R256)

Southron Troop (4R256)

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Southron Troop (4R256) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Raider
Twilight: 7
Card Type: Minion • Man
Strength: 14
Vitality: 4
Site: 4
Game Text: Southron. Archer. Ambush (1). To play, spot a Southron. Assignment: Spot 7 companions to assign this minion to the Ringbearer. The Free Peoples player may make you discard a companion (except the Ring-bearer) to prevent this.
Rarity: R

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Southron Troop (4R256) Wiki

General Strategy

Southron Troop represents one of the Raider culture's minions that handles big fellowships, the other being Southron Commander. Southron Troop is the stronger, yet more expensive of the two. Since it has a spotting requirement, it can generally only be used in decks with heavy Raider presence.

Southron Troop's ability only has a spot cost, so it may be used until either the Shadow player cannot spot 7 companions or the Ring-bearer is assigned. It is significantly more dangerous than Southron Commander's ability, because the Shadow player can choose who to discard, allowing them to eliminate the opponent's strongest champions. Southron Troop's greater strength and vitality also make it very difficult for the Free People's player to risk Frodo, and combining it with Mumak, On the March or Cavern Entrance make Frodo's survival nigh impossible.

As with all assignment actions, Southron Troop's action will have no effect for a fierce assignment unless a card (such as Mumak) has allowed him to be fierce. When the Shadow player assigns Southron Troop, he will not gain twilight from his ambush ability.

Southron Troop can be played from discard via Southron Invaders or Palantir Chamber, which can save having to have too many copies of it in a deck.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

Weak Versus...

Rules and Clarifications

This minion's ability can only be used if both it and the companion are unassigned.


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