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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Cards to Edit

Cards to Edit

Feel free to organize this in a more useful fashion...
Perhaps remove cards that have been done? -Kralik

The "recent changes" log is also truncated, so if you find a page that's been recently edited, please remove its entry below.

These cards have not had any of their strategy info modified.  Any changes whatsoever means it should be removed from this list.

See also missing, which shows articles that have been linked to but not created. This page takes a long time to generate.


Mines of Moria

Realms of the Elf-Lords

The Two Towers

Battle of Helm's Deep

Ents of Fangorn

Return of the King

Siege of Gondor



Mount Doom


Black Rider


Expanded Middle-Earth

The Hunters

The Wraith Collection

Rise of Saruman

Treachery & Deceit

Age's End

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