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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Final Triumph (18R115)

Final Triumph (18R115)

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Final Triumph (18R115) Card Image

Set: Treachery & Deceit
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Uruk-Hai
Twilight: 4
Card Type: EventSkirmish
Game Text: Spot your Uruk-hai skirmishing a companion to use vitality to resolve that skirmish instead of strength.
Rarity: R
Notes: The effect of this card changes the requirements for resolving a skirmish. As a result, none of the cards that previously had an effect on strength during a skirmish have any effect on a skirmish in which this card is played. Only cards or effects that increase or decrease vitality directly would alter the resolution of a skirmish in which this card was played.

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Final Triumph (18R115) Wiki

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Rules and Clarifications

Wounds decrease vitality. For example, under the effect of this card an exhausted character (regardless of starting vitality) would lose to a character with a starting vitality of two and no wounds.

Extra Information

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