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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Treachery (18R76)

Treachery (18R76)

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Treachery (18R76) Card Image

Set: Treachery & Deceit
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Men
Twilight: 3
Card Type: EventShadow
Game Text: Spot Grima to exert an unbound companion. That companion cannot use his or her game text until the regroup phase.
Rarity: R

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Treachery (18R76) Wiki

General Strategy

Notable for cancelling the entire text of a companion, disabling keywords, special abilities and triggered effects. Treachery can cripple characters such as Madril, DoO; Gandalf, PG and Grimbeorn. It is however, an expensive card that only works with Grima. It synergises with Grima, SoaM, who can also cancel special abilities with his own text. Treachery also works well with Men versions of Grima, as either or both of these cards can be recalled via Fleet of Corsair Ships. Treachery can however be splashed with any Grima, and can help Uruk decks using Wormtongue and/or Saruman's Power to get around nasty Fellowship abilities that would otherwise wreak havoc.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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Rules and Clarifications

Extra Information


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