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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Ted Sandyman, Chief's Men's Ally (18U75)

Ted Sandyman, Chief's Men's Ally (18U75)

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Ted Sandyman, Chief's Men's Ally (18U75) Card Image

Set: Treachery & Deceit
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Men
Twilight: 1
Card Type: Minion • Hobbit
Strength: 3
Vitality: 4
Site: 2
Game Text: Maneuver: Liberate a site you control to make each [Men] minion strength +2 until the regroup phase. Regroup: Exert Ted Sandyman to stack a [Men] Man in play on a possession.
Rarity: U

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Ted Sandyman, Chief's Men's Ally (18U75) Wiki

General Strategy

Of all the cards released by Decipher, Ted Sandyman is one of the most bizarre, despite not necessarily being that powerful. His race of Hobbit allows him to interact with a large number of prior released Shire cards such as Little Golden Flower, Hope is Kindled, Fates Entwined and Incognito, since most Shire cards never specified culture when dealing with Hobbits. He also triggers with various other cards targeting Hobbits, such as Fool of a Took!.

Ted Sandyman's Regroup ability, unlike other Men cards that stack Men minions on Men support area possessions, does not specify anything regarding the target possession. This gives the Shadow player the ability to stack minions in many nonsensical ways, such as stacking minions on Gandalf's Cart or Ranger's Sword. It also gives the Shadow player some useful interactions that are otherwise impossible, like stacking Men Men on Web to boost Eater of Light, or stacking Men Men on Scaffolding.

Ted Sandyman's Maneuver ability synergises well with quick and easy forms of site control, such as the abilities of Rapt Hillman (Especially with Pavise), Engrossed Hillman and Wandering Hillman. Since all of these occur in the maneuver phase, the Shadow player can control sites, then immediately release them for strength bonuses, giving the Free Peoples player little time to respond.

With a twilight cost of 1, Ted Sandyman has the best cost-to-vitality ratio of any minion in the game, making him strong against archery and wounding. He also never naturally roams, making him very easy to play, and can be useful for fulfilling the spotting requirements of larger Men minions, such as Voice of the Desert and Desert Wind.

Ted Sandyman has an extremely low strength, so surviving to the Regroup phase may require some support from cards such as Coldly Still, Corsair Vandal, Gathering Strength, Agent of Saruman or his own ability.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

  • Archery and Wounding
  • Site Liberation (Can act first to give the Shadow player some benefit)
  • Choke

Weak Versus...

  • Very poor strength without support from other Men cards

Rules and Clarifications

  • Race of Hobbit allows Ted Sandyman to interact with many Shire cards, although he cannot benefit from cards that target Men Men only.
  • Can stack other minions on any active possession in play, although the benefits of doing so vary.

Extra Information

  • Has the typical Hobbit statistics from Set 1, mirroring those of Merry and Pippin (3 strength, 4 vitality, 1 cost).


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