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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Pursuit Just Behind (1R111)

Pursuit Just Behind (1R111)

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Pursuit Just Behind (1R111) Card Image

Set: The Fellowship of the Ring
Kind: Free People
Culture: Gondor
Twilight: 0
Card Type: Event
Game Text: Regroup: Exert a ranger companion to wound every minion.
Lore: ”'We must do something to delay the enemy first. We will make them fear the Chamber of Mazarbul!'”
Rarity: R

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Pursuit Just Behind (1R111) Wiki

General Strategy

A regroup event with the ability to wound every minion in play, Pursuit Just Behind wagers an exertion by a Ranger (a key companion in Fellowship Block) against the potential to move again with a crippled opponent. Convenient for finishing off weakened minions, or to damage the minions before future phase actions (such as the next turn's maneuver or archery phase) Pursuit Just Behind may give the free peoples player the advantage in a move to a sanctuary or to site 9.

Being an event, Pursuit Just Behind has the usual issue of potentially clogging the hand, as there are times when it simply isn't feasible to double move. This can make permanent cards, such as Calaglin, Elf of Lorien or future cards such as Gil-Galad, Elven High King or Aiglos more reliable, along with cards that outright discard minions during the regroup phase (such as Smeagol, Bearer of Great Secrets) or upon the move (like Out of the High Airs). It also falls into the theme of cards that spot rangers to prepare for the next site, such as Pathfinder, Gondor's Vengeance, or An Able Guide.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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