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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Cruel Caradhras (1R124)

Cruel Caradhras (1R124)

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Cruel Caradhras (1R124) Card Image

Set: The Fellowship of the Ring
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Isengard
Twilight: 2
Card Type: Event
Game Text: Spell. Weather. Maneuver: Exert a [Isengard] minion to make the opponent choose to either exert the Ring-bearer or add a burden.
Lore: ”'Yonder stands Barazinbar, the Redhorn, cruel Caradhras….'”
Rarity: R

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Cruel Caradhras (1R124) Wiki

General Strategy

An unusual weather event, Cruel Caradhras forces the Free Peoples player to either exert the Ring-Bearer or add a burden during the maneuver phase. At the cost of 2 twilight and exerting an Isengard minion, Cruel Caradhras is a bit cost restrictive though it can lead to a quicker corruption when combined with Worry (particularly in a sealed format), and can be helped by having some copies of Saruman's Ambition on the board. It can also help to trigger burden-dependant cards like Orthanc Berserker, Shotgun Enquea or Ulaire Toldea Messenger of Morgul, or others like I'd Make You Squeak or the mighty regroup skill of Isengard Warrior if the Free Peoples player chooses to exert the Ring-bearer instead.

Other option is using Isengard minions to help a twilight Nazgûl shadow, where Cruel Caradhras will pave the road to cards like Resistance Becomes Unbearable, The Witch King Lord of the Nazgul or Ulaire Enquea Ringwraith in Twilight. Another possible useful combination could be Sauron/Isengard: with Cruel Caradhras possibly adding a burden, the Sauron response The Ring Is Mine! could lead to a quick corruption under ideal circumstances for the Shadow player.

With all things considered, although Cruel Caradhras does not fit the Isengard culture as well as the similar In the Ringwraith's Wake fits Wraith, it can be very powerful in decks that are built around it.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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