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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Easterling Guard (4C226)

Easterling Guard (4C226)

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Easterling Guard (4C226) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Raider
Twilight: 4
Card Type: Minion • Man
Strength: 9
Vitality: 2
Site: 4
Game Text: Easterling. Each time this minion is assigned to an unbound companion, you may exert him to add a burden.
Lore: Armored Easterlings protect their commanders from enemy assaults.
Rarity: C

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Easterling Guard (4C226) Wiki

General Strategy

Easterling Guard and Easterling Lieutenant make up the backbone of the Easterling corruption machine. Along with Gathering to the Summons and Vision from Afar, these four cards are capable of corrupting the Ring-bearer on their own. Just 5 burdens is often seen as the tipping point for a Fellowship as this puts companions in danger of being killed by Shotgun Enquea, making this new subculture incredibly potent in Towers Standard. Easterling Guard fits naturally with Gollum, Stinker, and can be replayed by Evil-smelling Fens for even greater corruption opportunity.

Because the burdening occurs when this minion is assigned to a skirmish rather than at the start of a skirmish, he is unhindered by Rohan mounts. If there are at least two burdens, Easterling Polearm renders him immune to wounds and practically guarantees a burden will be added if there are no Ring-bound companions capable of fighting him.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

  • Free Peoples which have no burden removal and few ways to wound a minion before a skirmish, such as Rohan and Ent Fellowships
  • Can be splashed in any corruption deck

Weak Versus...

Example Decks

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Rules and Clarifications

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Extra Information

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