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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord (12S144)

Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord (12S144)

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Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord (12S144) Card Image

Set: Black Rider
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Uruk-hai
Twilight: 4
Card Type: MinionWizard
Strength: 8
Vitality: 4
Site: 4
Game Text: Lurker. (Skirmishes involving lurker minions must be resolved after any others.) Skirmish: Exert Saruman to make an [Uruk-hai] minion strength +2. Each time a companion is killed, you may heal Saruman.
Rarity: S

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Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord (12S144) Wiki

General Strategy

Like Rabble-Rouser, Agent of the Dark Lord has the ability to boost the strength of his underlings, but he has several advantages over Rabble-Rouser, chief among them being the ability to boost his own strength. Since most of the post-shadows versions of Saruman can be assigned to a skirmish naturally, the fact that he can pump himself makes him much more dangerous, essentially featuring as one of the tank minions, rather than as a support minion. AotDL can also use several Uruk-hai weapons (Isengard Siege Bow, Weapon of Opportunity, Isengard Sword) that will increase his vitality or strength, getting more uses out of his ability and making him a better fighter. Saruman also benefits from many Uruk-hai events and conditions, such as Defensive Rush, Fury of the Evil Army, Shingle in a Storm, Ghastly Wound, Broken in Defeat and You Do Not Know Fear. Since he no longer has text that limits his skirmishing potential, Saruman's Staff is less useful than it once was (Though it can still provide Fierce and Damage + 1) and the new Staff of Saruman, Fallen Istar's Stave was released as an alternative (Gives Saruman extra strength, even more vitality for his ability, and allows the player to return him to hand under certain conditions). Like all of the versions of Saruman that can skirmish, this Saruman gets a lot of bonuses from Throne of Isengard. He also works very well with the Deceived Wizards, as he is good at winning skirmishes and has built in healing.

AotDL’s second ability is useful because it allows him to exert multiple times to pump a fellow minion, and then heal himself when that minion kills the companion they’re skirmishing, giving him more exertions for future skirmishes. Because he is a lurker, his skirmish will normally resolve last, giving him the opportunity to assist each other Uruk-hai minion, even if he himself will lose his skirmish.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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Extra Information

Other Versions of Saruman

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