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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Staff of Saruman, Fallen Istar's Stave (13R81)

Staff of Saruman, Fallen Istar's Stave (13R81)

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Staff of Saruman, Fallen Istar's Stave (13R81) Card Image

Set: Bloodlines
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Isengard
Twilight: 2
Card Type: ArtifactStaff
Strength: +2
Vitality: +1
Game Text: Bearer must be a Wizard. Regroup: If Saruman is the only minion you can spot, discard this artifact from play to return him to your hand.
Rarity: R

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Staff of Saruman, Fallen Istar's Stave (13R81) Wiki

General Strategy

Unlike Saruman's Staff, FIS does not make Saruman Fierce or Damage + 1, but it does give him an extra vitality point, which is extremely useful for versions of Saruman that like to exert, such as Agent of the Dark Lord, Coldly Still and Curunir. The fact that it allows him to return to hand is also useful for a Deceived Wizards deck, as these tend to have few other minions. Also some cards/shadow strategies remove minions before or during the regroup phase, which would allow FIS to trigger. Some examples are Goblin Swarms and The Trees are Strong. Note that FIS is less useful for the Sarumans that can’t fight naturally, although it can still be beneficial to them.

Because of its wording, it is possible to play this card on Gandalf or Radagast. The only apparent benefit of doing so would be to exhaust them whilst bearing it and then discard it, which would kill them. Cards that could aid this strategy are Orc Overseer and Mumak Commander, GatS.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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Weak Versus...


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