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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Come Here Lad (4U43)

Come Here Lad (4U43)

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Come Here Lad (4U43) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Free People
Culture: Dwarven
Twilight: 0
Card Type: Event
Game Text: Fellowship: Stack the top 2 cards from your draw deck on a [Dwarven] condition that has a card already stacked on it.
Lore: ”'You are the canniest, luckiest, most reckless fool I've ever met! Bless you.'”
Rarity: U

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Come Here Lad (4U43) Wiki

General Strategy

Come Here Lad is one of only two ways to increase the number of cards stacked on any Dwarven condition, the other being Suspended Palaces. While some conditions, such as From the Armory and Here is Good Rock, have little use for a card once stacked, others such as More to My Liking and the famed Ever My Heart Rises can extend their usefulness in powerful ways. Courtesy of My Hall, in particular, is the only condition which can't have more than one card stacked on it without some help. When combined with the deck control of Toss Me or Halls of My Home, Come Here Lad can turn Courtesy of My Hall into a healing machine, store key events onto More to My Liking for use when needed, or prolong Ever My Heart Rises' ability to extend a Free Peoples' hand.

Because no Dwarven condition gains any benefit from stacked shadow cards, a player should consider if Come Here Lad might steal away a key shadow card. However, when combined with Rest by Blind Night (or used to focus cards onto one condition and combined with Restless Axe), Come Here Lad can be used to put large chunks of the deck onto a condition, remove the Free Peoples cards (either by taking them into hand or discarding them), and shuffle a disproportionate amount of Shadow cards back into the draw deck. By doing this, a player is far more likely to have a hand of 6-8 Shadow cards each shadow phase and put the most pressure on the opponent's Free Peoples side.

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