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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Rest by Blind Night (4R54)

Rest by Blind Night (4R54)

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Rest by Blind Night (4R54) Card Image

Set: The Two Towers
Kind: Free People
Culture: Dwarven
Twilight: 0
Card Type: Event
Game Text: Regroup: Shuffle any number of [Dwarven] conditions (and all cards stacked on them) into your draw deck.
Lore: ”'And yet even I, Dwarf of many journeys… cannot run all the way to Isengard without any pause….'”
Rarity: R

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Rest by Blind Night (4R54) Wiki

General Strategy

Rest by Blind Night's straightforward effect has incredible potential to give a player control over his or her draw deck. While shuffling Dwarven conditions back into the draw deck doesn't sound particularly effective (and often isn't), putting every card stacked onto them in the draw deck shapes the rest of the game, for both a player's Free Peoples and Shadow sides. The Dwarven card-stacking conditions only carry benefits for stacked Free Peoples cards, and some cards - Ever My Heart Rises in particular - indiscriminately sift through the draw deck, often condemning Shadow cards to be discarded. Rest by Blind Night allows a player to use those shadow cards, making the draw deck disproportionately Shadow-heavy and granting better draws for your Shadow side later in the game. Of course, while Free Peoples cards are just as easily stacked and recycled, Dwarven Foresight allows for a direct method of reclaiming key cards and should often be used over Rest by Blind Night for this purpose.

Pairing Rest by Blind Night with the card-stacking of Come Here Lad and Suspended Palaces will allow a player to filter through large amounts of the draw deck, selectively discard unwanted cards with Axe of Erebor or take necessary Free Peoples cards into hand, then shuffle those cards back into the deck. Preparations (and, to a lesser extend, Courtesy of My Hall) can give any card in the discard pile a chance to be seen again, offering further control for which cards are shuffled back into the deck. By shuffling only the most useful Shadow cards back into the deck, a player has a far greater chance of keeping an opponent from advancing or claiming a Shadow victory. Keep in mind not to spread Shadow cards out among too many conditions, as future draws will be diluted by that many recycled Dwarven conditions.

Of course, Rest by Blind Night does not necessarily have to aid a player's shadow side. Here is Good Rock and From the Armory require a player to stack a Free Peoples card onto them, and can be used to stow away extra companions and events in large number. Since Preparations and Courtesy of My Hall can stack any card from discard, they can take a companion discarded by Southron Troop or Southron Commander and have Rest by Blind Night shuffle them into the deck once more. While Dwarven Foresight remains far superior for reclaiming Free Peoples cards (unless trying to recycle a large quantity of them), Rest by Blind Night can provide a backup when all copies of Dwarven Foresight have been used or when the Free Peoples strategy doesn't usually need Dwarven Foresight. Remember, future draws will bear a disproportionately high number of Free Peoples cards which may allow an opponent to move more than once with little opposition.

When trying to use Rest by Blind Night to benefit the Free Peoples, bear in mind that it does not require a Dwarven condition to have a card stacked onto it in order for that card to be shuffled back into the deck. Dwarven Heart can be recycled for additional healing or to keep a Dwarf safe from unnecessary exertions if Axe of Erebor hasn't been drawn yet. Courtesy of My Hall and Suspended Palaces (once emptied of cards or tokens, respectively) can be reshuffled and reused, which may be useful if there are already copies of them in the discard pile for Defending the Keep to bring back.

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